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Tyler Tork (pseudonym) is a writer of many unpublished manuscripts of speculative fiction. He lives in a large, smooth-sided pit in Plymouth, MN. Fortunately, he has Internet access and a person to throw food and coffee down from time to time.

Tyler is a frequent attendee and panelist at local conventions including MarsCon, Minicon and Convergence. On his blog, he answers questions submitted by visitors. The answers are not guaranteed to be useful or accurate, but he strives to entertain. Elephants, aliens, cheese, and camping are frequent topics.

Tyler is also on a mission to civilize the Internet. You know, in his spare time. The Truth and Kindness Initiative website is under development and will shortly sweep over the digital world, leaving sparkles, joy, and clarity in its wake.

Positions on Issues

Tyler is pro Oxford comma, and uses one space between sentences. Alright is not a word. “Literally” does not mean the same thing as “not actually”.


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