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Jorge Salgado-Reyes (born 1968) is a Chilean/British science fiction author and private investigator. Born in Temuco, Chile, Salgado-Reyes left his country of birth at age seven in 1975 due to the military coup. He was subsequently brought up in the United Kingdom. Changing residence frequently with his family as a child, Salgado-Reyes became somewhat of a lone wolf who read science fiction from a very early age. After spending his adolescence in Mozambique, he returned to the UK where he completed his further education.

Non-literary career

Having left school aged 18, he worked for various security companies as a store detective and under-cover operative until an assailant stabbed him in the course of his work. This was a turning point in his loss prevention career and Salgado-Reyes entered loss prevention and investigation management where he worked for a succession of high-street department stores. After being made redundant in 2006, he started his own detective agencies, Salgado Investigations and Allied Detectives (subsequently sold in 2013).

Salgado-Reyes became a member of the Guardian Angels, London Chapter in the mid-nighties rising to the rank of Assistant Training Coordinator.

He has on several occasions been interviewed by the press in his role as a practicing private investigator including Reuters, the Financial Times, Daily Express and The Register. In 2006, he founded the e-Legal Gathering forum for private investigators.

Salgado-Reyes is a Fellow of the World Association of Professional Investigators. He is also a graduate of the Academy of Professional Investigations where he obtained Edexcel’s BTEC Advanced Private Investigation Level 3 Diploma in 2010.

Salgado-Reyes is also an amateur photographer specializing in landscapes, night photography and glamour. In May 2010, he was almost arrested for taking photographs of a clamping van.

Literary career

In 2011, Salgado-Reyes began writing his first novel, The Smoke in Death’s Eye,a work still in progress. It combines elements of cyberpunk and hard-boiled detective fiction. It features the anti-hero Ángel Castillo. The novel is set in London.  Author Paul Dorset interviewed Salgado-Reyes in August 2012 and discusses his novel saying, “This is a cyberpunk/thriller of a novel, geographically set in “the smoke” (e.g. London) about a 150 years in a dystopian future. The protagonist is a private investigator whose agency investigates a serial killer. The novel starts with the serial killer stalking and interrogating his victim (who dies as a result of the interrogation) in a derelict building in a suburb of south London. This victim is not the killer’s first, with the killings going back for decades.”

In 2012, Salgado-Reyes’ first reference book British Process Servers Guide  was published, written in collaboration with Stuart Withers and Helen Withers, Salgado-Reyes calls it, “The essential guide to the successful completion of all legal process”.



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