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Anna Maria Dobritt (born September 30, 1961) is an American eBook author, and independent publisher of RPG pdfs. Born in Highland Park, Michigan, she has lived in Michigan her entire life. She has a brother and a sister. Anna is single and a lesbian, something she never told her parents about before they died. She came out in June 2013.

She lives in an apartment with her two cats Raven and Ebony. For fun she reads, watches Doctor Who — both the classic episodes and newer episodes on HuluPlus and Netflix.

Non-literary career

In 1979 she enlisted in the United States Coast Guard Reserves. She spent the summer of  1979 at boot camp. After graduating from boot camp, she started her senior year in high school in Livonia, Michigan. She was subsequently kicked out of school before December 1979 for skipping classes too much. Her reason for skipping was how undisciplined the other students were in class. Talking all the time instead of doing the work they were assigned.

In the summer of 1980, she attended Boatswain’s Mate School in York Town, VA. After that she spent a weekend a month at the Coast Guard Station in St. Claire Shores, MI. In September of 1981 she re-enrolled in high school to complete her senior year and graduated in 1982. She was discharged from the Coast Guard later that year for a medical problem with her knee. She attended some technical classes at Henry Ford Community College.

After being discharge, not much went on in her life. At least until 1999 when Anna started creating maps for fantasy role-playing games. This branched out into Cartography Unlimited for RPGs, where she created maps for role-players to purchase through RPGNow, then wrote several supplement pdfs for rpgs. She even took a stab at writing for a browser based video game, but that fell through due to lack of good planning by the company.

When her mom developed Alzheimer’s she became her primary caregiver with a great deal of assistance and support from her brother. She then became caregiver for both parents when  her dad started letting himself go. Her mom died in 2012. Now she was caregiver for her dad, who steadily declined after his wife died. He died in 2013. After being a caregiver for so long, being drained physically, emotionally, and psychologically, Anna had no interest in anything except reading and playing MMORPGs on the computer. Things changed after her dad died. To deal with the sudden freedom she had, Anna returned to one thing she loved: Writing.

Literary Career

In the fourth grade, Anna wrote a short story. This led to her attending the Young Author’s Conference at Madonna College in Livonia, MI. While there, she wrote several more short stories and a poem, which was bound into a little book. She still has that, along with the first short story she wrote.

She wrote a murder mystery novel, allowing her mom to read it and give critiques. When she saw the look on her mom’s face after reading the main character was a lesbian, she felt bad and destroyed all the drafts of the story. Something she regrets to this day.

Through the years she wrote short stories and a couple of novels which were never published. In January 1993, while her dad was in the hospital after a quadruple bypass, Anna sat down and wrote a fantasy trilogy called Guardian Blades.

After her dad died, she needed something to focus on to deal with not being needed 24/7 anymore. She turned to her writing. She started typing in the rough draft of the Guardian Blades and was half way through that, when the Muse struck big time. In May 2014 Anna was hit by a new story idea. She sat down and worked on it every day, finishing the first draft in September 2014. This first draft topped out at 260k words so she split that into two volumes. While writing that, she came up with another story idea for a trilogy and started writing that down.

In 2014 Anna has been busy editing Volumes 1 and 2 of The Ravenwyng Chronicles and has started writing volume 3. She continues writing Volume 1 of The Archivist — Lenara Lenquil Adventures, and is starting to edit Guardian Blades volumes 1, 2, and 3.

In addition to the above writing, she has a short story called The Hunter included in

Nightmares & Echos: The 2014 GWS Press Charity Anthology published by GWS Press, and a piece of flash fiction in  Spooky Halloween Drabbles 2014  published by  Indie Authors Press.

She hopes to publish The Ravenwyng Chronicles Volume 1 The Discovery in December 2014 or January 2015.

Anna also writes a blog on Eat Sleep Write called Write to the Point, where she gives writing and self-publishing tips and advice.

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