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About us

Indie Authors Press: a home for aspiring authors

Indie Authors Press is a family-run hybrid publisher for independent authors, based in the UK.

We represent everyone from brand new to renowned authors, publishing fiction from a range of complementary genres, including:

  • Science fiction
  • Cyberpunk
  • Fantasy fiction
  • Dark fantasy
  • Horror

Our company was founded by Jorge Salgado-Reyes, who continues to run the business and assure quality in his capacity as senior editor.

The self-publishing revolution has put power back in the hands of talented, undiscovered authors. We support these authors by spotting their potential and giving them the tools to fulfil it.

Our story

Indie Authors Press was founded in June 2011 by aspiring authors Jorge Salgado-Reyes, Myriam Reyes Peña and Eduardo Salgado-Reyes.

This group of authors brought two titles to print within the first year alone, collaborating with other creative professionals and publishing texts in both digital and paper-based formats.

We honed our craft and published new titles in this way until 2014, when Roy C. Booth entered the fold as editor. His expertise lay in anthologies, and we seized this opportunity to work with a wider variety of authors.

The first anthology, ‘A Forest of Dreams’, marked a turning point for Indie Authors Press. The reception of this title – authored by 20 established and up-and-coming fantasy writers – led us to publish further anthologies, including the ‘Halloween Drabbles’ and ‘Altered States’ series’.

Since then, we have continued to publish a range of anthology and single-author titles, experimenting with translating texts and exploring new formats to create a unique publisher brand.

Our mission

“We provide opportunities for aspiring novelists and writers who want to create works independently of traditional publishers.” – Jorge Salgado-Reyes

But, that’s not all. Our mission features a range of aspects designed to increase collaboration and support aspiring authors.

These are the key aspects of our mission:

  • Community: We give a voice to authors and other creatives with varying interests and levels of experience. We collaborate with everyone from acclaimed authors like John Shirley, CJ Cherryh and Paul Levison, to artists such as Drusilla Morgan and Oliver Wetter, to brand new writers.
  • Creativity: We champion originality and freedom of expression, giving authors scope to find their true inner-voice. Rather than simply publishing books, we want to establish a culture that shares new voices, as well as ensuring intellectual property gets the respect and protection it deserves.
  • Accessibility: We aim to give everyone the chance to read our authors’ work. By publishing works in a variety of languages and formats (both digital and print), we ensure that our authors can market to an international readership.

We are always looking for submissions by original, talented new authors. Contact us to find out more.

Our titles

We are proud to have published a selection of unforgettable titles, including:

Our titles are available variously in hardback, paperback and ebook formats.

Join the Indie Authors Press community, support new authors and find inspiration by ordering one of our titles today.

Our awards



#1 Best Book Editors

#2 Best Sci-Fi & Fantasy Short Story

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# 3 Best Book Cover Artwork


#4 Best Anthology

#7 Best Publisher

#7 Best Publisher

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