Pedro Iniguez announces the release of his dark horror cyberpunk collection Synthetic Dawns & Crimson Dusks.

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London – Santiago – Los Angeles, 03/25/2020

Amidst the pandemic and forced quarantine across the world today, you might wonder what are you gonna do with all this ‘free’ time on your hands? Well, we have a solution now. Pedro Iniguez’s new collection Synthetic Dawns & Crimson Dusks will leave you inspired, unsettled or just plainly horrified but is sure to entertain you at the very least.

Pedro Iniguez says, “The stories in this collection all have something to say to whoever will stop and listen for a while. They inhabit the realms of Science-Fiction and Horror. Others exist in that dark space where the line is blurred. They are intended as either reflections or warnings. Some offer hope while others have more sinister motives. They are just as unpredictable as humanity. And that’s the point of fiction. It’s the metaphorical funhouse mirror that reflects the best and worst in all of us; individually and as a whole.”

About the author
Pedro Iniguez has had a love of speculative fiction, art, and film since childhood. His fiction and poetry can be found in publications such as Space and Time Magazine, Crossed Genres, Altered Sates II, and Writers of Mystery and Imagination. His cyberpunk novel, “Control Theory,” was released in 2016 and he is currently working on his second book. He lives in Eagle Rock, California.

General information
Synthetic Dawns & Crimson Dusks is available to buy from 25th March, the book is available on the online bookseller – Amazon in both paperback and ebook formats.

Contact Details

For more information contact the publisher Indie Authors Press through their website For review copies (ebook only) please email via our contact page.
Facebook: @IndieAuthorsPress
Twitter: @Indie__Authors

The book will be available for purchase on Amazon at the following links: