Progress Report updates: The Smoke in Death’s Eye

I will be updating the percentage written for the novel in this post.  I am assuming that the novel will be 100,000 words long. Of course, this may vary but it’s what I’m aiming for as a goal.

31 %

I’m committed to writing a minimum of one chapter per week (more or less). This is still the goal but it’s not every week as I have other goals that also take up my time. It’s been a hard slog to write this novel because of many factors but one of the main ones was the learning curve involved in creative writing. Luckily thanks to a critique group called Hard & Tough Critiques on Facebook (you can join), I am finally able to move forward with this novel.

I am now in the second act and I am presently writing about 1000 words per day. This is 3 times as much as I was doing last month.


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