Shake, rattle n roll: Earthquakes, what to do!

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We just went through a 7,1 magnitude earthquake and even as I write this, the aftershocks continue. So what should you do in the event that the earthquake is huge and you need to run for the hills?

It’s probably obvious but the period of greatest danger is during the event. Your first instinct might be to evacuate the building you’re in but is that the best course of action? Actually, unless the building is actually collapsing, you are safer staying put. If the earthquake is causing damage then trees are falling and bits of the building are coming where you are running. Perhaps the power is gone and it’s at night? Penny Ortega wrote a useful article on how to be prepared which you can find here called 10 THINGS TO DO TO PREPARE YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY FOR AN EARTHQUAKE OR OTHER NATURAL DISASTER.