Facebook versus Amazon adverts

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FBvAmazonWe try hard to appeal to readers with our selection of books. That is why every now and again we try something new. This article will detail the results of a short sales experiment. Facebook adverts versus Amazon adverts.

FBI started with Facebook. I selected the USA as the country and further narrowed my focus to people who expressed an interest in reading fantasy. I let the advert run for three days with the call to action to click on a link that took them a particular page on my website. I am able to monitor visits to that page using Google Analytics and a live monitoring app.

According to Facebook, we had 26 clicks to that page during this time (I dispute that there were actually 26 clicks through to the page but that is for later.) The cost of the three-day experiment was £16.32 ($21.16).




Amazon results later in the week.