Resources for writers

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Resources and websites for writers are constantly changing over time. I’m going to keep this article updated with some resources that writers use, either from time to time or all the time.

White laptop with coffee cup on old wooden table.

White laptop with coffee cup on old wooden table.

Websites that assist with grammar and vocabulary will be listed as hyperlinks. These resources do not catch everything but they do catch the bulk of errors.

GRAMMARLY – Use this website to write a document, or upload your existing documents, and instantly check for grammar, punctuation, contextual spelling mistakes, and much more.

HEMINGWAY – Use Hemingway to make your writing bold and clear. Put in text and see where you can simplify your prose.

ProWritingAid – Use this software to help turn your good writing into great writing. Improve readability and eliminate errors.

StyleWriter 4 (not free) – instantly transforms your writing into a clear, concise and readable style.

Word Count Tool –

Comma usage –

43 Words You Should Cut From Your Writing Immediately –

Collective nouns for people –

Collective nouns for animals –

How Can I Learn to Take Criticism Without Taking It Personally? –

Developing a Thick Skin –

English passive voice –

In praise of the passive voice –