REVIEW – Covert Imagery & Photography: The Investigators and Enforcement Officers Guide to Covert Digital Photography

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Covert Imagery: Photography & VideoProfessional investigator but you don’t know how to use a camera? This book is (mostly) for you, the newbs in photography, those that have no idea what their powerful modern DSLR cameras are capable of.

It’s also for those people who are not professional photographers, who have to be able to use their camera in sometimes difficult environments. That group includes, but is not limited to, professional investigators of all stripes.

It is very easy to read, full of tips and it allows you to experiment as you read, in fact it encourages you to read the book with your camera beside you so you can try out the techniques and exercises there and then. It is chuck-full of great content, descriptions and photographs and I would recommend it to anyone who feels that they want to change the dial on their camera from ‘automatic’ to ‘manual’.