Dust Jacket Reveal for Altered States

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Hardback cover



The dust jacket reveal for the hardcover of ALTERED STATES, now on pre-order through Amazon.

The incredible artwork is by artist Oliver Wetter and the book cover design is by Madison Paige. The book is released on December 15th, 2014.  Order it online via Amazon or ask your local bookstore to order it in.

Altered States is a testament to cyberpunk, speculative fiction. This anthology offers the reader seventeen possible views of a dystopic impersonal future. A gut wrenching anthology that pushes the reader to explore the boundaries of what the human mind is capable of coping. These stories, some many years old still resonate with the reader today as they lead one to ask what the basic social needs of humans are, and highlight all our basic fears of the future. As technology becomes more and more the mainstream of our lives, it is important to review what the man – machine relation as well as the man-world relation is and what it will be. I really enjoyed this tome. It belongs on every bookshelf. – Joseph Cautilli, Ph.D co-author of Zombies vs Robot novel series