Altered States:-a cyberpunk/sci-fi anthology edited by Roy C. Booth and Jorge Salgado-Reyes

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Our current books


British Process Servers Guide [Hardcover]

Stuart Withers (Author), Helen Withers (Author), Jorge Salgado-Reyes (Author)

Publication Date: 1 Nov 2012

The British Process Servers Guide has been written and compiled by practising professionals, whose vast accumulated experience, skill and in-depth knowledge acquired over more than 50 years provides a wealth of vital information and procedures. It is the essential guide to the successful completion of all legal process. Includes all relevant Woolf Reforms Detailed explanations of rules and procedures Contains example affidavits and statements of service for all process in the UK and abroad Detailed explanations of Civil Procedure Rules where relevant High Court Process County Court Process Magistrates’ Court Process Children Act 1989 Bankruptcy Divorce Process This is a must for busy process servers and investigators! The British Process Servers Guide has been rewritten and updated to reflect the changes made to the Civil Procedure Rules and Court Procedure since the highly successful and original Process Servers Guide 2000 was written and published by Nationwide Investigations Group. The Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) were introduced in April 1999 following a report on the state of civil justice carried out by Lord Woolf. Formerly practice in the High Court was governed by the Rules of the Supreme Court (RSC) and practice in the County Court by the County Court Rules (CCR). The CPR incorporate one code of civil practice for both the High Court and the County Court. However, many differences in practice between the High Court and the County Court have survived the introduction of the CPR. This is because large chunks of the RSC and the CCR have been re-enacted as schedules to the CPR. The surviving parts of the RSC have been re-enacted as Schedule 1 to the CPR. The surviving parts of the CCR have been re-enacted as Schedule 2 to the CPR. The two most commonly used practitioner texts on the Civil Procedure Rules are “Civil Procedure”, familiarly known as The White Book and published by Sweet & Maxwell, and The Civil Court Practice familiarly known as The Green Book and published by Butterworths. The Civil Procedure (Amendment) Rules 2011 came into force on the 6th April 2011. This guide has been updated to reflect those changes in the CPR. This guide will be further amended as the rules change in the future.


Learning About Love [Kindle Edition]

Myriam Reyes Peña (Author)

This wonderful anthology of poems can only be described by saying that it is as much about earthly as about spiritual matters. It covers many aspects of human concern, all of them coming down to consider love in its many aspects:

It is thought provoking work that leads one to reflect on what makes our daily lives more bearable, or unbearable. Passion, sorrow, love, anguish, all aspects of human emotions are evoked by these deeply felt verses which go along a journey of discovery about the nature of love. If the advice to writers is “write about what you know”, this certainly is a book about the emotional journey taken by the writer during a life time. We find that the main discovery the writer makes, is that the ultimate love on which all beings can rely is Divine love.

This anthology of poems will take you through all emotions and make you think. You will share a peek into the author’s thoughts and mind about the love of the lover, the one who stopped loving, filial love, moral concerns regarding love, love of nature, self-love and divine love. A collection to own and cherish. Myriam Reyes Pena is a gifted writer, provocative and original.


Guía Curricular del Idioma Inglés [Kindle Edition]

Eduardo Salgado-Reyes (Author)

Es una nueva serie para administradores, docentes y estudiantes en el campo del Inglés para escuelas, colegios, y universidades de habla castellana.

Los temas incluyen Declaración de Valores, Valores Centrales, Metas, Propósitos, La Importancia del Idioma Inglés, El Uso De Las Tecnologías De Información Y Comunicación, Objetivos del Área de Inglés, Programación De Metas De Logro, Etapas Clave, Anexos con ejemplos de unidades de aprendizaje.

Customer Reviews

Satisfecha con este libro, ya que proporciona buenas ideas de qué aspectos puede ayudar al profesor y estudiantes acerca del Ingles.

Our forthcoming books


The Smoke in Death’s Eye

Jorge Salgado-Reyes (Author)

Jorge Salgado-Reyes’ début Techno-Noir novel “The Smoke in Death’s Eye“. Jorge is a private investigator who spends an inordinate amount of time in the back of surveillance vans. As a consequence, he has a lot of time to think of plot developments for his book.

Synopsis: In a dystopian world where tech runs wild, a PI sets out to hunt down the serial killer who murdered his wife.

Excerpt: The lights splashed evil yellow and blue shadows against the walls. I liked that. I lived in those shadows – the hum of the Smoke; a never ending presence.

My target leaned against a scarlet spinner while he scanned the traffic in the air waiting for his clients. A pusher of the worst kind, he sold 24 hour addiction to the net, the matrix, whatever that mutual illusion we call cyberspace really is, but I watched him because he possessed knowledge I needed. I had to be careful though; he hacked the local cams with his built-in wetware

Despite the poor lighting I could see him clearly. My TacScreen feed streamed to me by my built-in A.I., Artificial Neurological Analyser – ANA for short – to a chip resting against the back of my retinas. The TacScreen, glowing pale green, showed he was much bigger than me, at least 6 foot tall, but sickly looking somehow. He wore retro style jeans and a denyl jacket cut off at the arms with no t-shirt to show off the body art on his torso of a skull and cross bones, glowing fluorescent green in the dark. He wore jump boots fashionably unfastened with his jeans tucked in at the front. His name was Demetrez. A local hood of mixed race. His dyed blond hair, cut in a Mohican and long in the back, sat atop his face.


The Zen of Shoplifting

Jorge Salgado-Reyes (Author)

It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperilled in a hundred battles;

If you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one;

If you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperilled in every single battle.THE ART OF WAR – SUN TZU


And so it begins. Some say that Retail crime is victimless and that the retail industry can afford to take the losses from shoplifters. After all they pass on their losses to their customers. Right?

I m here to tell you that that retail crime is not victimless. Somebody always pays the price; the shopkeeper forced to close, the employee who loses their job and the local community deprived of essential services. Indeed we all pay the price! Theft from high street retailers is reaching epidemic proportions and the financial cost to retailers last year was £1.1 Billion. As you can appreciate, shrinkage is a significant problem and a very grave one. It directly affects everyone of of us, both as staff and as customers. Our wages are affected by it and the prices we charge our customers are affected by it. This is the reason that it is important to identify shrinkage and to eradicate it.

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